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The Izakaya (2F) is a casual restaurant that serves Japanese comfort food to accompany a diverse selection of bar offerings. The izakaya experience is perfect for after work, before a big night out, as a full supper, or for late night bites with friends. The cuisine is freestyle and adaptive in nature. Each izakaya in Japan puts its own touch their menu items. The plates are typically small, so that one can sample many different items. 

Daikaya ramen (1F) offers Sapporo-style ramen, which is widely considered one of Japan’s most prominent and influential ramen styles. Sapporo style ramen is distinguished by its Chintan stock; a clear soup base that requires over 16 hours of careful preparation to achieve its delicate and complex depth. The stock contains chicken, pork, and beef. Our noodles are imported from Sapporo, Japan and made by Nishiyama Seimen Company according to the recipe we developed.